I began serving as a co-host of Student Affairs Live on the Higher Ed Live network in January of 2014. I was offered the opportunity to serve as one of two hosts after the previous host, my good friend Ed Cabellon, left to pursue other endeavors, including doctoral studies. It’s a humbling and rewarding experience to have a colleague believe in your abilities in this way and I really can’t stress enough how much I appreciate Ed’s faith in me to continue what he and others started. I co-host with another student affairs professional, Chris Butler. Four shows later, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to invite a larger dialogue around topics that are of interest in the field and contribute to an accessible alternative professional development outlet. I take this responsibility very seriously and have deeply enjoyed it so far.

A little about #HigherEdLive:

Higher Ed Live is a unique channel, comprised of several different live-streamed shows, most hosted on a bi-monthly basis, which include Student Affairs Live, Admissions Live, Advancement Live, and the parent show, Higher Ed Live. Viewers can watch the shows live via YouTube/Google+Hangouts or view recordings in syndication or subscribe to the podcast. To stay informed about future episodes, follow #HigherEdLive on twitter or subscribe to the newsletter.

On reflecting…

So, one of my guests on my last show, Kristen Abell, suggested that I blog about the episodes that I’ve hosted and offer reflections to continue the conversations brought up in the shows. I thought this was a great idea. And, I’d also welcome your feedback and perspectives as well. I recognize that my reflections are limited to my perceptions and experience, and other’s insights are equally as valuable. So, I’m going to use this post to recap the first three shows that I hosted as well as embed the YouTube videos in case anyone wants to take a look at the recordings. I plan to recap each show on this blog afterwards and offer personal reflections. Please forgive the brevity of this post as I need to catch up! Future iterations will provide a more detailed analysis.

Jan 8: Making the Most of Your New Role for the New Year

The emphasis of this show was on job transitions in student affairs. Having recently relocated across the country for a new job the previous summer, I was interested in speaking to colleagues who had recently made their own professional transitions. This field is extremely transitory, and I have personally moved roughly every 5 years or so. How one leaves an institution and the process for gaining closure between one job and the next can be challenging (and definitely one of the those topics that “they didn’t teach us about in grad school”). So, my five guests and I discussed best practices for departure, ways to integrate into new organizational cultures, and how to handle transition with students with whom we’ve become attached. I was grateful to my guests, Valerie Heruska, Adrianna Guram, Judy Kiyama, Julie Leos, and Bruce Mann for their contributions!

Feb 5: Reinventing the Convention Experience and Lessons for Campus Innovation

My second show focused on the convention reinvention experience and lessons for campus innovation. I was serving as the program chair of the ACPA 2014 convention at the time, and throughout the convention planning process, I witnessed an exciting transformation between “the way it’s always been done” and a new “reinvented” convention experience. I brought several members of the convention planning team together to share their experiences throughout the process as well as to reflect on how innovative approaches can impact campus processes and programs as well. The guests of the show, Tony Doody, Gretchen Metzelaars, Donna Lee, and Ankur Ponda were a fun crowd to hang out with, and it’s obvious when watching the show that team chemistry is vitally important to the success of any convention planning experience.

Mar 5: Critical Issues Facing Senior Student Affairs Officers: Lessons in Leadership

For my third show, I explored the topics of how Senior Student Affairs Officers (or SSAOs) both respond to as well as lead their divisions in the midst of change and uncertainty. The three SSAOs on the show came from vastly different institutions and had very different areas within their portfolios, but each had specific take aways that resonated with the viewers. The three SSAOs were Zebulun Davenport from Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis, Laura Bayless from University of Wisconsin-Plattville, and Dwayne Todd, from the Columbus College of Art & Design.


From this point forward, I plan to write a post after each episode and gather additional feedback. I appreciate the opportunity to engage in this media and professional development outlet and even more so, I appreciate my colleagues and friends for providing support and feedback throughout the process. If you have suggestions for future show topics or guests you’d like to see on the show, please send me a tweet or post a comment!