I began serving as a co-host of Student Affairs Live on the Higher Ed Live network in January of 2014. I was offered the opportunity to serve as one of two hosts after the previous host, my good friend Ed Cabellon, left to pursue other endeavors, including doctoral studies. It’s a humbling and rewarding experience to have a colleague believe in your abilities in this way and I really can’t stress enough how much I appreciate Ed’s faith in me to continue what he and others started. I co-host with another student affairs professional, Chris Butler. Four shows later, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to invite a larger dialogue around topics that are of interest in the field and contribute to an accessible alternative professional development outlet. I take this responsibility very seriously and have deeply enjoyed it so far.

A little about #HigherEdLive:

Higher Ed Live is a unique channel, comprised of several different live-streamed shows, most hosted on a bi-monthly basis, which include Student Affairs Live, Admissions Live, Advancement Live, and the parent show, Higher Ed Live. Viewers can watch the shows live via YouTube/Google+Hangouts or view recordings in syndication or subscribe to the podcast. To stay informed about future episodes, follow #HigherEdLive on twitter or subscribe to the newsletter. (more…)